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Quentin Romero Lauro

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About me

I am a second year Nordenberg Leadership Scholar at the University of Pittsburgh, pursing a BS in Computer Science.

What I do

Three pillars outline the work I take pride in, and the work I hope to do more of.


Smooth seas do not make strong sailors. Whether it's growing a company in COVID or competing in international hackathons, challenge has developed my skills in countless ways - and I'll never shy away from a new one.


I believe humans do best when working together. In the Spring of 2022, I organized sporting events in my school and raised over $35,000 to fight pediatric cancer in Pittsburgh.


I'm always looking for new ways to do old things better. When I saw the quality of education declining in the pandemic, I used my company, RaspiShop.com, to bring hands on education to remote spaces.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Premiere Pro

My Experience

October 2020 - Present



I built an educational software e-commerce platform for RaspberryPi enthusiasts. Through the last year, I've grown sales 390% - reaching markets in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, New Zealand, and Great Britain.

May 2022 - August 2022


Web developer

I took websites from concept to product with small businesses in the Pittsburgh area by providing professional photography, photoshop, and video editing on top of web design and development services. Beyond launch, I interfaced the Google Sheets and Google Calendar APIs with WordPress to delegate maintenance away from the CMS and lower long term upkeep cost.

May 2022 - August 2022


Math tutor

I tailored individualized lessons for up to 6 students simultaneously in content ranging from algebra to introductory calculus - ensuring conceptual mastery by adjusting lesson plans based on my analysis of student progress data.

Some projects I've worked on